Locked out of your car? 5 Ways to get in without damaging your vehicle

locked out of carLocked Out of Your Car? Here’s 5 Ways to get in Without Damaging Your Vehicle

Getting locked out of car can be the most frustrating thing you experience all year long. Don’t let it get to that point.

For one thing, it can ruin the plans you have for the day and delay you invariably until help arrives.

Here are 5 ways you can get into your vehicle without damaging a single thing.

Look For A Spare Key

Do you have a spare key somewhere? It’s not uncommon to carry a spare key around on your keychain or giving it to a friend for safekeeping.

Make it a habit to know where your spare key is at all times. And make sure you obtain a replacement key; you’ll be glad you did when the time comes.

Check The Doors to see if You Are Really Locked Out Of Car

Sometimes you may not be entirely locked out of your vehicle. Check the inside of the door to see if there is a car unlock door button somewhere.

There may also be a button underneath the dash so look for that as well.

Use A Coat Hanger to Make A Probe

Start by straightening out the hanger. Next, twist it more intensely to get a “V” shape going. Then, slip the hanger in between the door and the door frame, making sure that the ‘V’ shape goes in first.

After that, try to hook the post lock and pull it towards you and upwards (pulling it towards you will give you some friction on the post). If you do it correctly, the door will open.

Use A Wedge To Get In

You may not have a wedge on you when you get locked out of car. However, if you’re near an auto shop, you can buy air or rubber wedges which are preferred for car lockouts.

Call A Locksmith

If you are still unable to enter your vehicle, then it may be time to call a locksmith. Locksmiths have the right tools and can reach your location quickly so you don’t have to waste time sitting around for your friend to pick you up. They can also make a spare key for you once you have access to your car again.

ABC Locksmith is open 24 hours a day and can reach your location under 20 minutes at 100% max satisfaction. Call ABC Locksmith West Hills today and get quick service that won’t break the bank.

Why You Should Consider Door Lock Repair Sooner Than You Think

Why You Should Consider Door Lock Repair Sooner Than You Think

door lock repair

Door Locks are a normal part of everyday life and are easily ignored until the very last minute when they give out on you. Therefore, you’ll want to repair your locks now and save yourself the hassle later; don’t risk your security on negligence, it’s not worth it.

So Check Your Locks Often

Door Lock Repair is needed across all industries and fields, including Residential, Automotive, and Commercial. As such, you may need someone to repair the cylinder or replace the shell at some point when it unexpectedly stops working. Here are some early warning sings that your lock is about to give out on you:

1) You have problems inserting and removing the key

2)The key turns too far in the lock

3) The key gets stuck in the lock

Different scenarios, different locks

To the untrained eye,  your lock may seemingly not have any outward issues, so there may be a problem with the lock mechanism itself. Here are some scenarios you might encounter in each industry.

Residential: Maybe you got locked out of your house because your front door lock stopped working. Or you can’t get into your apartment because your key broke in the lock.

Automotive: You may be unable to get into your car in the parking lot because the lock won’t turn. Or your trunk lock stopped working in a fit of rage for some mysterious reason.

Commercial: Your business door lock is not working anymore and now your employees are locked out of their department.

How to Repair a Broken Lock Quickly

After encountering any of these scenarios, you will have some choices: a) call a professional for help, or b) Do-it-yourself (DYI). While these methods are useful, it is worth noting that your lock may still have problems after applying these methods. If that is the case, you can consult a professional locksmith who will probably get the lock repaired faster and with less effort. If you are still game, here are three quick ways you can repair a broken lock with the right resources:

  1. Get a key extractor. You can buy this tool online anywhere they sell locksmithing tools. First, you’ll want to spray the lock with lubricant and insert the barbed end of the extractor so that the teeth of the extractor face the teeth of the stuck key. Lightly move the extractor up and down until you feel it hook the key. Then, sharply pull the extractor away from the lock to remove the key.
  2. Spray graphite into the keyhole. This acts as a lubricant and can help unblock the cylinder or lock mechanism which has become clogged with debris over time.
  3. Soak the lock in kerosene. Soak your lock in kerosene and leave it for 24 hours if it’s not currently attached to the door and stopped working due to rust.

Locks are very important in guarding your valuables. If they fail to work, your security could be at risk. Most locks need to be taken care of consistently, and as this task can be very boring for most people, you can let a locksmith take care of your locks for you for a small fee instead.

Professional Door Lock Repair Services

ABC Keys Services West Hills works out of the San Fernando Valley and can send a technician to your area in 20 minutes or less. Just give us a call and watch as we magically repair your lock and get you back to your life. You don’t even have to leave the house; just call us today!

What to look for in a locksmith

Locksmith West HillsFinding a good locksmith in West Hills can be hard as there are many out there who won’t do the quality job that you want. Many will overcharge you for a job that won’t be very well done and you need to ensure that you are knowledge when it comes to finding a suitable one. A lot of locksmiths can charge you too much and you need to know what price you should be paying for the job that they’re telling you they’re doing. If you need a lock repairing then you want to be paying a reasonable price and be confident that you are going to get a high quality job done. It is important that the job is done well as you will be relying on this for security and keeping your home safe.

Search: First you need to search around throughout your area to see what options you have. Call them and see if you can get some quotes about their services. Make a list of the options that you have as a reference for finding out who is the best for what you need doing and follow the rest of the tips to compare them and find your ideal locksmith.

Communication: You want a locksmith to be good at communicating with you. Give them a call and talk to them about what you need doing. See if you can get a good quote and price on what they think may be right for you. Do this with multiple locksmiths to compare and see if you can get the best quote and best quality of repair.

Effectiveness: Of course, you want to know how good of a job they’re going to do and ensure that they are going to do the best job on your lock. You want your lock to be repaired properly and to a high standard, this is for your safety and you don’t want it to be done poorly as you want your house to be secure. Your security and safety is the number 1 concern when it comes to locks and locksmiths. This is going to be a one-time investment providing you do it right and so you should consider paying a little more to make sure it’s done properly the first time. Your house needs to be the most safe and secure it can be.

Time: You don’t want the locksmith to take too long when repairing and replacing your lock. You need the lock to be changed as soon as possible to ensure your house will be safe and secure as soon as possible. It is important that you have security in your home and can be assured that you will be safe in your house. You also don’t want to be paying a high rate of pay if they take too long and dance around the fact that they have to do the job. Ensure they get straight to it and do it quickly yet don’t rush it, the lock needs to be efficient and work perfectly.

Quality: Finally, you should be looking for the quality of their work. Of course, this is the most important part as you want the locksmith to deliver a high quality lock that is going to last you a long time and isn’t going to break. You want to ensure that you can trust the locksmith and his work otherwise you aren’t going to be living safe and secure within the environment. Look at reviews and ask around, perhaps take a survey in your time to find the best recommendations for this because this will be the most important factor of any job you need doing and can’t be compromised.

Security v Safety | Locksmith West Hills

Security v Safety

Locksmith West HillsMost of us remember locksmiths when we lose keys, damage locks or need keys duplicated or some other such service. But hiring a locksmith should not be something we should do on the spot. You need to have a qualified, professional and experienced technician who can take care of all your locksmith needs. Having such a locksmith is what can make all the difference between a secure and safe house or office and an insecure place. Any property knows that safety and security go hand in with hiring a top locksmith company.

So how can a locksmith ensure that your property maintains its safety and security at all times?

  • Identifying points of weakness

A homeowner who is not in the locksmith business cannot possibly all of the possible points of weakness in his house that make him vulnerable to burglary and other house crimes. For this he needs to a professional who has the knowledge, training and the right equipment. He cannot not only identify the weak points but also help you solve them.

  • Installing alarm system

To increase the safety and security of your property you should have a state-of-the-art alarm system. A locksmith can help you buy the best alarm system suitable for your property, according to your needs and your budget. If your property already has an alarm system, you should get an experienced locksmith to investigate it thoroughly and make sure that the alarm is in perfect working condition ad suitable for your security needs. Your alarm should be able to issue warning in the presence of intruders or else the alarm is a complete waste of your money as it will not deter any thieves.

  • Installing burglar proof locks

Most of us have valuable possessions and/or documents at home. For such homeowners, having burglar proof locks is imperative so that your locking system is not broken through by intruders. To have such burglar proof locks, you need to have a technician who can identify and install them for you.

  • Repairing and replacing faulty locks.

If you have a lock that is malfunctioning, that is not at all safe for you or for your family members or your property. Locks, like any other mechanical tool, can also suffer from wear and tear. Hence, they can also stop working properly. If you are having trouble operating your house lock, you should immediately get it checked out by a locksmith. The lock might have some small problem that the locksmith can immediately repair for you. But it might be a bigger in which case you will also need a professional to have the lock changed and replaced with a new one.

  • Making spare keys

Many of us can be careless with our keys. While it is not safe to lose keys like that, it can be very tiresome if you are locked out of your own property and you have no spare or duplicate to help you back in. A spare key from a professional can solve that problem for you.

Locksmith West Hills



Locksmith West HillsIf you are not acquainted with any far-famed locksmiths, it’s no surprise. Several locksmiths value more highly to keep an occasional profile except to realize a respected business. There area unit far-famed smiths inside the locksmith community UN agency area unit well-known for his or her talents as lock pickers and take over the hobby. However as for the far-famed locksmiths UN agency take their profession a lot of seriously, very little is place within the glare.

Schneider smith of recent York town is legendary in their space of the states. however, this is often a far-famed company, not a private. a private of past days UN agency was far-famed for the smith skills was Associate in Nursing Englishman named parliamentarian Barron. He amended safekeeping of the lock itself with the creation in 1778 of the double tumbler lock. There was no modern-day security, no electric technology to assist him. He used the spectacular skills of his cognizance and hands to form his masterpiece of the age.

Another noted smith was Jeremiah Chubb. He brand-named a detector lock back in 1818. This specific lock had 6 levers and he won a financial award similarly as in progress fame. Mr. Chubb was set in London. Locks were made of wood long, long ago. they need stunned, confounded, and pissed off folks in a long-time period. They need created some folks and firms made (the inventors and manufacturers) and created others secure. Now not made of metal, these machine-driven contraptions have come back an extended far more than the years.

One noted smith familiar for different skills was magician. He was a magician WHO thrived on escape ways. The escape ways rely on locks of some kind or fashion. Magician was associate degree knowledgeable lockpicker WHO captivated audiences together with his skills.

French locksmiths were famed for his or her design on their locks. Bordering on fancy scrollwork, these locks were intentional within the true French intricate styles. The French likeable beauty in several parts of their lives and their locks weren’t to be overlooked.

A far-famed yank smith famed for his store locks was Linus Yale, Jr., of latest royal house. James painter, additionally of latest royal house, proprietary a time lock device which created him one more necessary smith. As you’ll tell, locksmiths area unit necessary everywhere the globe and throughout history. They’re a crucial type of human in our social order, and however one among the foremost unnoticed. Locksmiths area unit perpetually place to the look at and will be far-famed for his or her endurance.

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Certified Local Locksmith

Certified Local Locksmith for your Safety

Certified Local LocksmithThere are a lot of expert locksmiths to look over if you get yourself locked out of your house or auto. You can simply find any local locksmith in your neighborhood but you need to be very careful while picking one. You have to be really sure about his background profile and you have to ensure they have the certification and information important to get you into your house. Let’s think for a minute that if you arrive home after tiring hours of work, you put your hand into your bag to take out your house key then you realize that you forgot your keys and now you are locked out. Breaking into the house is not feasible, so to save the day, what is left to do is to call your nearby locksmith.

A locksmith occupation is to give guidance to his/her potential customers about new lock technologies for ensuring your home safety and lock repairs with providing spare keys. Along these lines, it is vital to locate from all the nearby locksmiths. A locksmith with certification can be trusted because that can assure him to be the professional locksmith and can be allowed to perform his services to your house. This is one of the essential things to remember before calling any locksmith.

When we need his services, we have to be certain that we know who we are permitting to come inside our house and allowing him to perform these actions. Because allowing someone unknown is dangerous as you are allowing that person to know your lock systems of your house. The nearby locksmith will access our private belonging, and to our property.

What would be a good step for you to do when you are in the critical situation?

The first thing you have to do is to inquire about the nearby locksmith and assess between a few different locksmiths. You also have to compare the prices of different local locksmiths who provides services in these emergency situations. A low cost won’t generally indicate that you have found a decent deal. Since there are many locksmiths that perform 24 hours a day all day and all night and offer emergency services at comparable costs. Consequently, a lower cost may show a poor quality of services. You have to figure out which of the locksmiths are available in the emergency for example midnight services. When the locksmith that you have picked for your home, make a point not to neglect to request to display his certification.

By taking following measures you will spare yourself assist dissatisfaction and disappointment when you do need to use the services of a crisis locksmith. So in the event that you have locked out at 5 am, there will be many locksmiths readily available. Don’t give up if you are experiencing issues finding and picking a nearby locksmith because there are a great deal of locksmiths in your locale and the vast majority of them provide their services for 24 hours a day.

It is advantageous to do a little bit of homework and locate a respectable emergency locksmith service before you get stuck in the middle of the night without your spare keys. Before calling the locksmith in the event that they have called a locksmith service as a part of the past experience that they would suggest.

Locksmith West Hills

Finding 24 hour locksmith | Locksmith West Hills

Finding 24 hour locksmith

24 hour locksmith West HillsHave you ever experienced a point in life where you just happen to own a HUGE key ring which hosts a countless number of keys to every single lock you own? Or maybe you were wiser and chose to have different key rings, but now you’re fiddling with 20 different key rings with no where to put them. Such unorganized situations also tend to give rise to many key related emergencies that may occur at any time. To deal with them, you need a trustworthy 24-hour locksmith service that can tackle your emergencies and handle your problems at a moment’s notice. This blog will help you out by letting you in on some quick ways to find a 24/7 locksmith service.

Finding a locksmith:

The best way to find a 24/7 locksmith service in your town is to make a choice when you are relaxed and you have no emergency. This will help you out amazingly in finding the best service for your need. Leaving this task for the time of emergency is suicide because it will take double the time and will increase the hectic tenfold. When you are at ease, you can efficiently find the best locksmith emergency service by following two steps:

  • Collect names of 24/7 locksmith service:

First thing you have to do in finding an emergency locksmith service is to locate the names of every locksmith providing emergency service in your town.

  • Check Recommendations:

Once you’ve collected the names, search them up online or ask your friends and relatives about them. This way, you’ll be able to choose the one’s recommended by the general community. This method will, thus, shortlist a handful of names from which you can choose the one you prefer. Once you’ve made the choice, call him for an interview.

Interviewing an emergency locksmith

When the locksmith visits you in person, it will definitely make it easier for you to decide whether you’ve made the right choice by going through with a simple interview. You should ask the following questions which will, obviously, relate to your needs and if you get the answer in the right perspective, then congratulations, you would have found the best emergency locksmith service for yourself.

  • Are you licensed and insured? 

Some state locksmith groups have licensing procedures and all locksmiths should be able to show proof of business insurance.

  • What services do you handle?

Ask for both emergency services and services provided in normal case.

  • Ask for references.

Specifically ask for both recent and not-so-recent customers. Be very cautious if a locksmith can’t offer names of customers within the last 3 months.

  • Ask for a price list.

There likely will be a different price list for normal services and for emergency services. But get prices on both types of services. This could offer some protection if you need the company during a late night emergency and find that their prices are higher than you were quoted.

  • Ask for 24-hour service costs.

A price list is one thing, but when it comes to services offered by 24-hour locksmiths, many will include trip charges that could vary depending on how far away you are, as well as premium charges for after-hour calls. Make sure you know the complete costs before you move on.

After interviewing two or three locksmiths compare them with each other with respect to the charges that are affordable for you while also considering the work experience and the services they will provide. Then make a decision which will be the best for you. Good Luck!

Locksmith West Hills