Why You Should Consider Door Lock Repair Sooner Than You Think

Why You Should Consider Door Lock Repair Sooner Than You Think

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Door Locks are a normal part of everyday life and are easily ignored until the very last minute when they give out on you. Therefore, you’ll want to repair your locks now and save yourself the hassle later; don’t risk your security on negligence, it’s not worth it.

So Check Your Locks Often

Door Lock Repair is needed across all industries and fields, including Residential, Automotive, and Commercial. As such, you may need someone to repair the cylinder or replace the shell at some point when it unexpectedly stops working. Here are some early warning sings that your lock is about to give out on you:

1) You have problems inserting and removing the key

2)The key turns too far in the lock

3) The key gets stuck in the lock

Different scenarios, different locks

To the untrained eye,  your lock may seemingly not have any outward issues, so there may be a problem with the lock mechanism itself. Here are some scenarios you might encounter in each industry.

Residential: Maybe you got locked out of your house because your front door lock stopped working. Or you can’t get into your apartment because your key broke in the lock.

Automotive: You may be unable to get into your car in the parking lot because the lock won’t turn. Or your trunk lock stopped working in a fit of rage for some mysterious reason.

Commercial: Your business door lock is not working anymore and now your employees are locked out of their department.

How to Repair a Broken Lock Quickly

After encountering any of these scenarios, you will have some choices: a) call a professional for help, or b) Do-it-yourself (DYI). While these methods are useful, it is worth noting that your lock may still have problems after applying these methods. If that is the case, you can consult a professional locksmith who will probably get the lock repaired faster and with less effort. If you are still game, here are three quick ways you can repair a broken lock with the right resources:

  1. Get a key extractor. You can buy this tool online anywhere they sell locksmithing tools. First, you’ll want to spray the lock with lubricant and insert the barbed end of the extractor so that the teeth of the extractor face the teeth of the stuck key. Lightly move the extractor up and down until you feel it hook the key. Then, sharply pull the extractor away from the lock to remove the key.
  2. Spray graphite into the keyhole. This acts as a lubricant and can help unblock the cylinder or lock mechanism which has become clogged with debris over time.
  3. Soak the lock in kerosene. Soak your lock in kerosene and leave it for 24 hours if it’s not currently attached to the door and stopped working due to rust.

Locks are very important in guarding your valuables. If they fail to work, your security could be at risk. Most locks need to be taken care of consistently, and as this task can be very boring for most people, you can let a locksmith take care of your locks for you for a small fee instead.

Professional Door Lock Repair Services

ABC Keys Services West Hills works out of the San Fernando Valley and can send a technician to your area in 20 minutes or less. Just give us a call and watch as we magically repair your lock and get you back to your life. You don’t even have to leave the house; just call us today!